You may be covered with road hazard tire coverage.

Get more peace of mind on the road at no additional charge. Now, eligible tires purchased at a MINI Tire Center will have complimentary Road Hazard Tire Coverage for the first year of ownership. It’s that easy.

An extreme close-up of MINI Approved Tire treads on an asphalt road. A sharp nail is sticking up and about to pierce the tire

What is Road Hazard Damage?

The road can be tough on your tires – but with Road Hazard Tire Coverage you may be covered.

Road hazard damage occurs when a tire fails as a result of a puncture, bruise, or impact break incurred during the course of normal driving on a road maintained by state or local authority. Nails, glass, and potholes are the most common examples of road hazards.

Where Can I Get Service?

With a nationwide network of participating MINI Tire Centers, getting your eligible damaged tires replaced has never been easier.

If possible, return your vehicle to your original selling dealership. Otherwise, contact the program administrator (866.330.7569) during normal business hours to help you locate the nearest participating MINI Tire Center.

What Tires are Eligible for Coverage?

Replacement MINI original equipment (OEM), original equipment alternative (OEA), secondary plus (SEP), winter (WIN), purchased on or after February 1, 2018, and winter tire and wheel packages (WPK) purchased on or after April 1, 2020. WPK is replacement of tire only and does not include the wheel.

How Do I Get a Replacement Tire?

The Road Hazard Tire Coverage claims process is quick and hasslefree, so you can get back on the road faster.

  1. Present your eligible damaged tire(s) to the Original or Participating MINI Tire Center with the original invoice and your vehicle VIN.
  2. The damaged tire(s) may be required for inspection. In this case, you must provide the DOT number for each tire.
  3. Your MINI Tire Center will verify that the damage is covered.
  4. If a tire is eligible for program benefits, your MINI Tire Center will submit a claim and replace the tire up to a maximum benefit of $600 per tire. Your MINI Tire Center will keep the damaged tire(s).
  5. Sign the replacement invoice and you’re ready to drive.

Peace of Mind.

Road Hazard Tire Coverage can help you drive with confidence wherever the road takes you.

For legal information and complete program terms and conditions: Click here.